Life’s storms can hit you so hard you’d begin to wonder how you still making it through. I have lived my years as a Sickle Cell patient but in these genes, thankfully, I have had a relatively healthy period as compared to a few other patients I have met in my journey through life. As the bible says, there is time for everything; the worst storm of my life, began in March 2014 and has seemingly refused to calm down till now. I have never been excited to read d book of Job, in fact it is one book I often intentionally skip when I have to glance through the bible. However, lately I summoned up courage and began reading it.

But why Job? Yes, Job, because I have gotten to a point in life where I feel God is so far away from me, where I feel I am struggling to get Him to hear me, where I feel everything is literarily collapsing on me…these times I am tempted to sing “things fall apart” instead of “you are the  pillar that holds my life”.

Today, I began asking myself some salient questions… Why is it so easy for me to praise God when things are going on well with me? Why do I expect Him to forget about His timing which is surely the best for me, and follow mine now so I feel no more pain? Why does my faith seem so strong when my heart is merry and melt when I see the mountain?

Now even in my pain, I am resolved to praise because only a God that’s mighty can boast of knowing me before I was formed in my mother’s womb…and He sure does! And that’s what holds my faith in Him.

I am allergic to pity so I don’t entertain it; I am not sorrowful, neither am I brooding. When I write these things, I simply hope and pray it is an encouragement to someone in stormy time like mine. I pray I am strengthened to keep praising Him instead of complaining. Am still wondering what you do with your pains?